One Time Services

Toserve company provide a general cleaning services for free of charge when customers requested that during moving job .

Here are the most commonly offered one-time services for house cleaning:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Spring/Deep cleaning
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning (e.g end of tenancy)

A regular cleaning is going to be the basic cleaning you offer your customers.

A spring/deep cleaning is everything included in your regular cleaning with some extra cleaning tasks.

A move-in/move-out cleaning is basically a spring cleaning without furniture. Generally this is the same as a spring/deep cleaning. We offer additional tasks such as cleaning inside of the cabinets, refrigerator, and oven included in the move-in/move-out cleaning or offer them as add-ons.

Recurring Services

Here are the cleaning frequencies for recurring cleanings:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks)
  • Monthly (every 4 weeks)

For recurring customers, we offer a regular or spring/deep cleaning for their initial cleaning. After the initial cleaning, we perform a regular/maintenance cleaning on a recurring basis.

we provide you with the best home cleaning services to cater to your needs- whatever they may be.

Choose from a wide range of services including deep home cleaning, kitchen cleaning bathroom cleaning, general cleaning and tank cleaning.

Toserve cleaning services

Are you preparing for the holidays or planning a special event at home? Or do you simply feel like it’s time your home got a good cleaning? If so, our deep home cleaning service is the perfect option for you! Deep cleaning entails a thorough, intense cleaning of your entire house. Every little nook and cranny will be disinfected, cleaned and polished to perfection.

Kitchen cleaning

Sticky counter tops and dirty floors getting the best of you? Just opt for our kitchen cleaning services and all will be well. We have a wide range of options to help you tackle those pesky food stains. Our kitchen cleaning services include:

Cleaning all cabinets.
Cleaning of appliances from outside.
Scouring your sink, cleaning of chimney and gas, cleaning of the counter area.
Mopping your floor and removing dirt in between tiles.
Cleaning of lighting fixtures.
Trash removed.
Disinfect bathroom floors and drains, sinks, bathroom counter tops, and bathroom fixtures
Replenish paper supplies and soap
Remove fingerprints and smudges from glass doors, entry-way glass, and interior glass partitions
Sweep and damp mop all VCT and hard surface floors
Vacuum all carpet floor coverings
Dry mop and damp mop all hard surface floors
Interior Window washing
Vacuum and clean upholstered seating as required
Arrange furniture, report damage or items of interest to customer, lock doors, set alarms, log activity as required
Strip and refinish VCT flooring

Bathroom Cleaning services:

Don’t worry about the grime on your bathroom tiles or your foggy mirror. With our bathroom cleaning services, we’ll have your bathrooms in tip top shape in no time! Our bathroom cleaning services include:

Showers cleaned and disinfected.
Tile walls cleaned and disinfected.
Trash removed.
General dusting.
Toilets cleaned and disinfected.
Vanity and sink cleaned.
Floors washed and disinfected.
Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and shined.
Cobwebs removed.

General cleaning

Do you think your house needs a little sprucing up? Do you feel the need to give it a cleaning, but just can’t seem to find the time? If that’s the case, then our general house cleaning is the service for you! Our general cleaning services include:

Dusting / vacuuming of the house.
Cleaning of floors.
Removing dust accumulation on desks, tables and bookshelves.
Cleaning of mirrors, ceiling fan and lighting fixtures.
Removal of cobwebs.
Cleaning dust from window sills and ledges.

Tank cleaning services

We all know our water tanks catch a lot more than just water- decaying leaves, dust particles, lichen or algae, and smoke/ash to name a few. Your tank could have any number of problems that you may not even be aware of, as it could all be hiding at the bottom of your tank. This can greatly reduce the quality of your water. For peace of mind don’t wait till your tank is empty – get your tank cleaned today, with Skiwee’s tank cleaning services!

Toserve is a local establishment here in lower mainland that takes care of all your moving & cleaning needs from start to finish.

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