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The act of making an unfurnished house appear lived in to entice buyers to purchase the property. The goal is to make the buyer feel at home when he/she tours the property. Home staging is popular because it provides the buyer with an idea of how furniture could be placed in the home and how much space will be available when it’s furnished.

We are making a great illusion to the house , create an new feeling a new spirit by designing a new concept of


Decoration by starting our job through sequences steps :

  1. Visiting the site , getting notes , make a full study of the house.
  2. Providing a full report to the client of what necessary fixes and changes in the house if that exist.
  3. Provide a technical proposal attached by creative design and discuss it together.
  4. Being very detailed in small details.
  5. Provide all necessary simple touches and sensitive accessories.
  6. Giving a work time frame to the customer to start his sale business.

When you decide to sell your home, it’s really no longer your home; it’s a house, a commodity for sale. It’s competing with the other houses in your neighborhood, and if you want the best price, you need to show it in its best light.

Most of people are really looking for a house which making them happy when they find it, comfortable when they have a tour inside it , want to stay when they sit in its living room. Smile when it will be comfortable in it. That’s where staging comes in.

Staging a house – what does it mean?
Many homeowners know they should find the best options to get buyer in shorter period.

Finding a very good talented and hard worker staff consists of:

  1. Hard workers and fast to clean the location, disassembling and assembling furniture.
  2. Staff visiting and getting an illusional creative design and a full image for each small corner in the house to be fantastic.
  3. Moving items and accomplish the job by our own staff on time

Staging techniques

Beyond repainting and cleaning, staging a house takes it to the next level by making it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, and accentuating the positive aspects of the property. It’s all about creating a sense of possibility and potential, about creating an inviting space to inspire buyers, to generate a mood befitting the property.

Look at your home critically. What’s the best feature of each room? How can you best accentuate that feature? What kind of feeling should buyers experience when they walk in, and how can you create that feeling?

The Real Estate Staging Studio goes room by room, inside each closet and kitchen cabinet and yes, even underneath the kitchen sink, to make the house more attractive to the greatest number of buyers.

When we work with you to stage a house, we’ll help you change your mindset from “home” to “commodity.” We’ll tell you exactly what to do to de-clutter, hide, move, toss, rearrange, repair, replace, and stage. You may love that couch or TV, but if we think it’s tired, worn or wrong for the house, we’ll tell you it needs to go. We’ll help you to depersonalize the space, identify the best repairs and show off your home as the best on the block.

Benefits for homeowners

In a competitive market, homes are easier to sell and staging always helps. In a soft market, staging a home to sell is critical. When the market is sluggish, staging helps homeowners gain more attention and shorten the time to sell. In a moderate market, staging can also lift sales prices from 2% to 10%.

The biggest advantage occurs with luxury homes or in a market with bidding wars over properties, where effective staging can boost prices by 20% to 50%.

Is staging worth the time and investment? Think of it this way: do you want to leave the sale of your house to chance, or would you rather play an active role in getting it sold quickly and for the best price?

At the Real Estate Staging Studio, we’ll give you the cold, hard truth about your property and what you truly need to do. And we’ll help you with staging your property without breaking the bank.

For example, if the exterior of your house is looking a little bland, we’ll help you give it a shot of color and curb appeal to give buyers an exciting first impression. Inside, we’ll help you arrange, design, purge, repair, hide, and highlight, helping you create that “wow” response you need to sell your home as quickly as possible.

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